Okamoto 003 Hyaluronic Acid 10pc

Okamoto 003 Hyaluronic Acid 10pc

Brand: Okamoto
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Added-in the Hyaluronic Acid into lubricant which keeps the wet feeling as well as locking up the water!

Hyaluronic Acid is widely used on cosmetic products for moisturizing. Okamoto is the first condom manufacturer to add this ingredient into lubricant to enhance the moisturizing feature during intercourse.

It is manufactured to meet the requirement of ISO4047:2002, GB7544-2009 etc.

Each condom is tested with precise electrostatic technology

Condoms are used for contraceptive purposes and to reduce the risk of STDs (Sexually transmitted disease)

Product Features 

* Okamoto's 0.03mm Hyaluronic Acid latex condom 

* Standard shape super thin 

* Hyaluronic-acid gel lubricant 

* Nominal Width: 52 mm


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